Knee Deep ‘Tanilla’ Porter


imageThere are so many exceptional IPAs from this brewery, so to see a vanilla bean porter produced is exciting because the flavour profile could be immense given this breweries reputation for ridiculous IBU ratings. It states this porter is only 30 IBU so that’s a relief. The only interesting note is the use of ‘natural flavours’..we not so sure about artificial flavouring. Let’s see if it lives up to high standards.

Poured into a shaker, we see a dark brown/mahogany with a big 20mm off white head which is foamy, full of compact bubble and retains beautifully. Initial aromas of roasted malts, chocolate, espresso, vanilla, and mild yeasty barley. First sip is big on the vanilla bean. Huge flavours. Probably close to the most dominant vanilla porter we have ever had. We get nutty malts, more milk chocolate, very mild bitterness from the hops, a little spice on the tonsils, and no booze burn. This brew sits at 6.3% Alc vol and is bang on. Body is mild to moderate, with same length on the palate. Just lingering vanilla and chocolate malt. Back palate is very smooth with aforementioned flavour. Patchy lacing down the glass here only. It’s a smooth drop as it glides down the gullet. We have to admit we like the hop profile of knee deep beers, but for a porter it’s tasty. It’s nothing flashy but it’s a nice smooth drop.