Mikkeler ‘Texas ranger’ chipotle porter


image“Texas Ranger – Mikkellers chili-porter – er ude i et nyt batch, med en ny lækker label. Denne gang er den damn hot.”

Supposedly Mikkeller brewed 3 separate batches of this beer, each time making it much hotter than the one previous. We’re both huge chili fans so bring on batch no.3! Served in a beer tulip the opaque, cola-like pour offers a creamy dark brown head that retains quite well. Healthy lace. Oof! The aroma is spectacular! The emphasis on the spicy chipotle pepper is well rounded and done beautifully. Undertones of coffee, chocolate, smoke, roasted malts and dark fruit injects a depth that finishes it off very well. Solid aroma. Mild carbonation and medium bitterness. A well rounded and spicy mouth feel is present from start to finish. Following on from the aroma, the palate also boasts bitter roasted coffee and chocolate. Again, the spiciness from the chipotle lingers on the back of the throat with lengthy duration. 6.6% ABV sits beautifully hidden among the firm flavoured palate, never overpowering but present in flavour. Our guess it’s the 2nd batch as it is quite hot but within reason. This Danish brewery never brews a bad beer and this spicy chipotle porter is up there with their best.