Six string brewing ‘two’ anniversary ale


imageFrom this quaint little Central Coast microbrewery comes their second year anniversary ale to celebrate two years of business. Great to see. This brew is a behemoth…12.5% alc vol of Belgo-IPA goodness! We love the artwork stencil and that its served in a champagne bottle for extra consumption. This bottle is 269/860 brewed so we pumped we snagged one.

Pouring a golden Amber/mahogany with a fair bit of carbonation and a head that slowly subsides but leaves a bit of lacing on the glass. Beautiful aroma of caramel, toffee, honey, fig, and stewed tropical fruit, with that Belgium yeast component. Yum. Flavour is immense. Very powerful alcohol burn on the palate , and more honey and stewed tropical fruit. The Belgian component really shines here and we get a bit of banana and clove. Body is full here and we do get the bitterness on the back palate but it’s overshadowed by the estery Belgian yeast. Jeez this a powerful glass and we feel the effects of the alcohol. We love the fact that this brew can be cellared for years but if interested in drinking now, it’s $30 and available at the brewery. A definitely worthy drop.