4 pines brewing co. hefeweizen


image“A German born wheat beer. Cloudy pale straw in appearance, mild sweet nose with hints of banana exhibiting a well rounded palate showing characters of banana and spice.”

One of the four of this fine breweries core range. The first time we tried this hef out of the bottle it had overcarbonated and poured a monsterous 6-7 inches of foam, but this time around it pours better as we enjoy the sight of a transparent light straw golden appearance. On top a standard covering of bubbles falls away to a halo around the edge of the glass. Mild lace. The nose definitely has the four to the floor aromas down pat with banana lollies, clove, coriander and lemon wafting up. A delicate sweetness with some yeastie esters and wheat malts hold up the bottom end well. Nice aroma. The mouth feel is soft and slippery with light fizz. Moderate to medium bodied. The front palate offers light sweetness, lemon and hints of wheat malts. Only a very subtle hint of banana is picked up through the mid which delivers a fresh, herbaceous finish. Duration is OK with a lingering taste of banana lollies on the rear palate. The 5.2% ABV is a little above average, which is good in this case as it acts as good formwork. To say it’s a trail blazing hef would be grossly overreacting but to it’s credit it drinks well and it has all the right flavours. Not a bad attempt by these guys.