Sierra Nevada ‘kellerweis’ hefeweizen


imageAs we have said before we are huge fans of this top shelf American brewery, so far we haven’t come across one of their beers that we haven’t thoroughly enjoyed.

Served in a weizen glass and poured as to the directions on the back of the bottle. It states to pour two thirds into the glass, swirl the bottle and pour the rest in and what happens is actually really cool because the appearance of the first two thirds of the beer is a dull yellow but once we swirl the rest in the bottle and pour it in, the bright, cloudy colours appear. Atop is a well maintained foamy cap that eventually holds at about 3mm, generating some healthy lace trails. On the nose we’re getting the standard light sweet and floral aromas over the grainy, wheat malt base. Main stayers like banana, clove, coriander fruit salad and bubblegum aren’t really pushing the boundaries all that much but they are definitely a delight to take in. With the velvety mouth feel comes a low-average carbonation level. The body is quite light on as the fruity front palate is quickly ushered on by the slightly sweeter mid. Some banana and a touch of yeasty spice carries through and delivers a dry, fruity finish. Length is slightly short lived and at 4.8% ABV it is surely a sessional hef. One of the more standard beers for this brewery, but still, a good drop.