4 pines ‘Kellerdoor’ Imperial India brown ale


imageBig fans of this breweries ‘Kellerdoor’ range. As you will see in our ‘Whats going on’ section we visited this brewery a couple of months ago and we were very impressed.

Served in a beer tulip the deep brown pour whips up a frothy 1 finger tan head that retains quite well leaving good lacing. Aroma is really interesting, complex as a black IPA would be as there are the distinguishable hoppy scents like pine, lychee, passion fruit and citrus but the earthy characteristics such as the caramel, nuts and roasted malts come through softly and really take the edge off. Really well balanced aroma, neither side win the battle. In the mouth it’s silky smooth with medium carbonation. Medium-full body. The ‘India’ aspect is displayed well upfront with the 70 IBU rating offering a slightly aggressive bitterness. Subtle grapefruit flavours are detected before a caramelised, malty mid-palate mutes any dryness in the mouth. The finish offers good balance with a nutty, yet bitter back end. 8% ABV is actually really well buried. Nothing outstanding going on, just a well balanced and surprisingly easy drinking imperial IBA.