Akasha Brewing Company ‘Trade wind’ Lager


15673010_620783754772440_832090234719019877_n“Suited perfectly to the Aussie climate, the Tradewind is a hoppy twist on a classic pale lager. Brewed using a clean German lager yeast and seamlessly paired with the passionfruit and citrus flavours of Australian Galaxy hops, we have ‘breathed’ new world life into an old world style”

Served in a shaker glass. The pour is bright and golden amber in appearance. A short white head emerges on top before it’s reduced to a film that works a healthy lace trail as it ebbs.
The aroma certainly offers a lifted fruity hop character with hints of subtle spice and bubblegum in the background. There’s a subtle floral bouquet coming through as well. The malt is clean and slightly biscuity and fills it out well. Nothing crazy just a nice, straightforward new world lager aroma.
In the mouth it’s light, crisp and palate friendly. Mild bitterness (25 IBU), well carbonated and effortless in the swallow. Super sessional number.
Upfront the flavour provides a subtle hoppy fusion of citrus and light florals. As it progresses the typical cracker/grainy flavours appear with a delicate bitterness offering some contrast. The finish is light and slightly dry with traces of summer fruits on the back end.
We like what Dave has done here. He’s kept it pretty traditional but the substantial addition of Galaxy hops gives the beer that snappy, fresh and new world impression. It’s proper bang-able, flavoursome and most importantly….crafty. A definite go to craft lager.