Alesmith Brewing Co ‘X’ Extra Pale Ale


16387416_638077576376391_7213500552354820113_n“This refreshing, light-golden Extra Pale Ale embodies drinkability. AleSmith X pushes the limits by offering a level of flavor not often found in this classic style. Fresh American hops are abundant but carefully balanced by a light, crisp body and smooth bitterness. Notes of citrus and pine combine with a delicate malt sweetness to create a flavorful drinking experience.”

Served in a shaker glass. X pours a bright amber complexion with a well retained two finger head. It keeps its shape and weaves a healthy lace trail down the walls of the glass.
The nose is subtle but really fresh and tangy with orange blossom, pine, soft stone fruits and mixed citrus leading the way. The malt backing hits a slightly sweet, grainy note but again it’s toned down and a little shy. Not bad, we would have liked a bit more oomph from it though.
Quite light on in the mouth. Certainly not thin in texture but she’s flirting with it. Nice uplift from the Co2 though with a moderate 35 IBU. Very approachable.
The palate enjoys a good overall balance with this neat little fusion of citrus hops and somewhat sweet somewhat grainy malts. A mild bitterness kicks up around the mid as pine and grapefruit notes prelude a dry and herbaceous finish.
Extremely subdued for Alesmith but in all fairness it is still technically a pale ale. The 5.2% ABV is kind of on the lower end for XPA’s but it ties in with the tempered and overall character of the beer. Plenty of better Alesmith brews to be had, this one was middle of the road in our opinion.