Balter IPA


image“This IPA is like frolicking through a spring forest and dive-bombing off a mandarin scented waterfall. Clean, piney, and citrus aromatics with bitterness that’s refined yet relentless”. We have been waiting with baited breath for this addition.

Poured into a shaker glass, we see that ubiquitous burnt orange colour with a 10mm compact off-white head that retains perfectly. Minimal budge after the pour. Slight haze noted. Aroma is delicious..full of pine, yellow grapefruit, unripened pineapple, passionfruit, sweet citrus, sweet malts & caramel. First sip is everything we were hoping for! Such balanced flavour in the mouth. Very refined bitterness that lingers softly over the whole palate but never dominates. Superb balance. Everything tapers off very nicely leaving you ready for the next gulp. We get that nice tingle on the sides of the tongue with a somewhat pleasant and innocuous texture. We note the booze content of 6.8% Alc vol and think it’s perfect cause you really can’t taste it at all. Just loads of caramel malts, passionfruit, pineapple, clean and crisp pine notes. It reminds us of a mini Korben D in terms of flavour and balance. Lots of patchy lacing down the glass as we get half way through. Carbonation is mild in the mouth and allows you to imbibe with complete disregard of one’s health. Body is moderate but excellent in length. We are absolutely thrilled by this brew. The Balter lads have seriously stepped it up here. It’s seriously a contender for top shelf Australian IPA. Hard to fault.