Batch Brewing ‘Juicy As Phuck’ Vermont IPA


17861499_674349342749214_1687189825317985099_n“Once upon a time, there was a phermentor that rose out of a vast green phorest. And in the phorest were birds and lakes and rocks and trees and cannabaceae humulus lupulus. The phorest was also inhabited by a small group of simple people, called the hopheads. One year, when the phirst phrost appeared and the hop stores were plentiful, the hopheads gathered at the base of the phermentor and gave thanks for all the hops they had. They thanked the resinous Warrior, and the passionphruit Galaxy, and the citrus Simcoe and Amarillo, and the pineapple Mosaic, and the watermelon El Dorado. But most importantly, they thanked the intentionally-cloudy, moderately bitter, incredibly aromatic, full-bodied Vermont IPA that they had brewed, because it was Juicy as Phuck.”

Served in an IPA glass. Hazy golden orange pour that knocks up a two finger head which retains well. Very healthy lace trail following the beer down.
The aroma is driven by pineapple, orange citrus, pine resins, grapefruit and mango with hints of spice, wood shavings and a light doughy malt in support. Smells nice and fresh too with the 7.3% ABV hidden quite well. Wouldn’t say it’s “juicy as phuck” but it’s a damn fine aroma all the same.
Somewhat full and creamy in the mouth, coating the whole palate with a nice consistency. Can’t find an IBU but our guess would be around that 50-60 mark as it grips the back of the throat.
Taste follows the nose with an impression of fruity hops, orange and pine upfront. Starting to feel the warmth from the booze creeping in now as it marries up with the assertive bitterness. Just a suggestion of that bready malt in the background before it finishes on a crisp, bitter and citric note with just a pinch of spice on the rear.
As far as we know this was our first crack at a Vermont (or New England) IPA. Not a lot of difference between it and, say, an Australian or NZ IPA really. Still quite bitter and not as juicy as we were expecting. As a whole though we think Batch have done pretty well, probably their best beer to date in our opinion.