Modus Operandi Brewing Co ‘Modus’ Pale Ale


17799369_674349346082547_6453754316392382812_n“Awarded Champion Australian Pale Ale in 2015, this is a rich golden coloured pale ale, dry hopped with Yakima valley’s (Washington State) favourite heavy hitting hop, Simcoe. This hop brings with it big aromatics of pine and citrus followed by a crisp finish.”

Served in a shaker glass. Hazy golden orange pour with a thumb of frothy beige foam taking shape on top. Steady reduction, settling to a thin sheet which deposits a set of rings as it ebbs.
Getting a good impression of tropical fruits like passion fruit, pineapple, mango and rock melon initially. A lovely orange citrus tang also imparts hints of mandarin and ruby grapefruit. Quite a shy malt backing here but what we can get from it is a little sweet, a little bready and slightly biscuity. Certainly isn’t short on character, a fine aroma.
There’s good weight to the beer, well balanced as well with a smooth texture, moderate Co2 and medium body. Fairly well tempered IBU just hinting at some dryness in the swallow. Very approachable.
The palate seems to favour the citrus and piney notes on the fore. Definitely getting more of the tangy orange, ruby grapefruit and mandarin coming through. Suggestions of pineapple mingle with the dry bready malts as a touch of herbal/grassy hop bitterness finishes on a length.
Not 100% sure what happened with their original pale ale (Mona pale) but if this is its replacement then it’s thumbs up from us. Packs a good punch on the nose and backs it up with a well balanced and full flavour profile. A lot like their Sonic Prayer IPA just a bit lower in ABV (5.2%) and slightly more approachable. Solid drop from Modus.