Mikkeller San Diego ‘Hop Geek’ Breakfast BIPA


imagePoured into a pint to extract all the goodness we can fit out of this 750ml bottle, we see a mat black/cola body with a bubbly tan head of 20mm which slowly recedes as the bubbles almost pop. Aromas of roasted malts, coffee, dark chocolate, liquorice, and some pine and vanilla spice. First sip reveals all the complexity of a BIPA.. Upfront bitterness from the citrus hops and coffee combination alongside the roasted malts and ash like grains. Mouthfeel is full with a medium to full body. The head is real velvety and almost creamy. Carbonation is mild to moderate in the mouth. More flavours of espresso, dark chocolate, some molasses. The grapefruit bitterness is certainly strong. It could almost be misconstrued with sourness. We would love to know the IBU rating here. There is some tingle of spice on the tonsils now as we get half way through this brew. The stickeyness is now being picked up on the lips and the glass. Not a lot of lacing as we get through this on the glass. Basically the flavours at the front mirror right to the bottom..the bitterness is decent, almost sour.. the roast malt/ash provide a dryness, there is a sweetness on the lips detected from the hops, definite saltiness back palate. Good use of coffee combined with this IPA. We love the fact that Mikkeller is brewing in San Diego too. All in all, a tasty drop.