Wild Beer Co ‘Brett Brett’ DIPA


imageBeing 100% fermented with Brettanomyces yeast leaves this modern IPA dry, aromatic and refreshing. This beer can thus be drunk fresh or can be aged which will bring out the flavours.

Poured into a shaker glass we see a hazy light golden with absolutely no head. Aroma is a tad dank and resiny with pine, caramel and wild yeast available to the olfactory. Of note is the enormous sediment of yeast in the bottle. First sip is what we expected but unbalanced. The bitterness is strong but out of sorts with the tart yeast. It’s almost a turn off already. We know that this beer is 8.4% Alc vol but the booze component is strong in the mouth which again says its unbalanced with the malts. There is almost a mint flavour on the palate. Again absolutely no head and no lacing as we get through the middle of the brew. The more we consume the more we can’t get around the alcohol hit, combined with unopposed bitterness and minty freshness. Mouthfeel is surprisingly light to medium here for the Alc volume. Carbonation is quite low. Normally most Brett IPAs have a real tart tang but this brew is very very mild. Maybe we should have aged it like the bottle proposes.¬†Are they hedging their bets? More mint, more alcohol, less dank, less resin, less tart…its unfortunately game over. Too watery. Where is the guts? This beer must be tried aged. Not a good example of a Brett DIPA. Purchase only to age..or drink at your peril.