Big Shed Brewing ‘Boozy Fruit’ NEIPA


6822804B-9BAF-4F4E-A77D-A6A16E27FDE5Glassware: Goblet

Appearance: Pours a dirty dishwater colour with plenty of carbonation seen bubbling away. There is an off white 1 finger head full of compact small carbonation. Retention is excellent..a bit creamy lace that doesn’t budge. Massive wall of lacing seen as the brew is imbibed.

Aroma: Breakfast juice..sweet tropical flavours burst out of the glass with passion fruit, guava, ripe pineapple, alongside citrus orange and pine. Smells reminiscent of a frosty fruit ice block we used to have as kids.

Flavour: My goodness does this have alcohol in it?? It just glides over the palate and down the gullet leaving a decent yet balanced bitterness from the hops. More pine, grapefruit/lime/orange peel citrus and now only can you start to tell there is alcohol in it (6.2%) after a few sips. Slight amount of spice tingling the tonsils. Faint caramels here. The tropical fruit bowl is now subdued but the aroma doesn’t change so it’s nice balance between olfactory and taste.

Mouthfeel: Medium body on the palate with mild to moderate length, leaving a restrained bitterness and spice tingle. No IBU stated but either way it blends in perfectly especially the back palate.

Overall: Bloody tasty. This was the GABS 2018 people’s choice winner. At the time we remember it being a standout, or at last top 5. We have had some amazing NEIPAs in our time since the craze began and it’s very good. A worthy purchase.