Six String Brewing ‘Four’ Belgian Tripel


266AA8EB-6B10-4682-9388-D63C963281FEGlassware: Served in a snifter.

Appearance: Exceptionally clear deep yellow with a bubbly white head that is already clinging to the glass as it slowly but surely recedes. Ends up a rim of tightly packed small bubbles. Carbonation clearly seen but not excessive.

Aroma: Has a defining lager/Pilsner like nose that when warms up slightly yields honey, subdued caramel sweetness, background Belgian yeast, bread/dough, some banana, bubblegum, pear and crackers. It’s all very light on though. As the brew warms up there is a distinct liquor like floral complexity to it which is rather pleasant.

Flavour: Whoa the Flavour! Just hits you in the face. Big step up from the aroma. A bit of booze (9.5%) laces the palate, alongside sweet caramels, Belgian bread yeast, pear, something musty or earthy like damp soil, some bitterness but it’s low and interwoven with the touch of spicy malt and champagne like drying finish.

Mouthfeel: IBU here is 26. For the alc vol of 9.5% the body is medium and quite drinkable. A decent swish around the mouth elicits booze-like heat, a dryness and yeasty flavoured carbonation. Decent length..keeps on going long after the last sip. Like Debbie does to speak.

Overall: It’s a nice drop (434/860 brewed). Served in a champagne bottle and cool artwork it’s an eye catcher when perusing the vast ocean of good craft beer bottle O’s. Would we buy again? Not really..not a stand out. That’s not to say it’s not enjoyable. This is just a lot of beer in a bottle. Serve among friends.