Six String Brewing ‘Mint Condition’ Choc-Mint Milk Stout


9CB599D5-267F-4D83-AA67-B091B9AE6074Glassware: English pint

Appearance: Rich dark brown bordering on black but held up to the light exhibits more of the former. Tan head that disappeared almost as quick as the pour. Discrete carbonation seen up the side of the glass.

Aroma: Reminds us of one of the after dinner mints we used to ravenously consume at our favourite childhood restaurant. Certainly an airy or milky aroma filled with chocolate, sweet dark malts that aren’t excessively roasted, obvious mint that is pleasing to the olfactory (almost spearmint?).

Flavour: Very bloody tasty! We get a creamy, lactose hit that has an oat like velvetyness. Tastes more like a light stout or even a porter. The mint leaves a slightly cooling effect on the tongue but it just blends so nicely with the milk chocolate sweetness. The can states cocoa (cacao?) but it’s not overly bitter at all. It’s an alcoholic (Alc vol 7 %) liquid after dinner mint. Booze is so well hidden it’s dangerous.

Mouthfeel: Decadent, rich, creamy, slick…use whatever adjectives you like. It’s so smooth on the palate. Unexpectedly light for a stout..again it’s almost a porter or a light stout. Slightly watery but it doesn’t detract..we are actually glad it’s like this. Carbonation is basically nil like a sessionable ale in a English pub. Lovely cooling mint freshness on the palate that cleanses. Unsure of IBU as it’s not stated.

Overall: Impressive drop. Anyone who loves mint will thoroughly enjoy this. It’s tastes almost exactly as it describes on the can which is an extra tick from us. Melt an after dinner mint and this is it. At 7 % alc vol?!?…wow. One of our favourite Six String drops.