Boatrocker ‘Plum Lord’ BA Plum Sour


“A vivid purple colour from the fruit, with a rich tart plum flavour, complemented wonderfully by the complex barrel aged wild ale that is Time Lord (a blend of 3 different vintages, the oldest being 5 years).”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Very eye-catching pour. Unfiltered pink-ish/purple hue and a thumb of light pink head forming on top. Decent retention and wavy lace being left on the glass as we imbibe.

Aroma: Smells sharp and acidic. Almost Lambic-like. The plum lifts off with vigour and provides tartness, acidity and also a touch of sweetness. The musty and woody oak comes through beautifully and the prickly lacto/bretty sourness adds the red wine vinegar, sweat/salty qualities, yoghurt and cheese cave. We can’t wait any longer we’ve gotta dive into this.

Flavour: Holy moly. It’s giving off some next level sourness. And we love it! It really kicks off with a sharp acidic sourness, tart blood plums, musty and woody oak. At times we pick up a blueberry note as well. Short bursts of vinegar, all sorts of funky shit, horse blanket, yoghurt, earthy spice and hay/straw before an extremely bretty finish.

Mouthfeel: Sharp, acidic and saliva-inducing sourness. Light-moderate body, spritzy Co2. The 6.7% ABV is hard to pick… don’t know if it’s the booze burn or heart burn!

Overall: Impressive stuff here. They’ve long been one of our go-to’s for anything barrel aged and this is a perfect example why. We dig it.