Brew dog ‘abstrakt AB:14’ imperial weizen bock


image“ABSTRAKT ARE DIRECTIONAL, BOUNDARY PUSHING BEERS. Blurring distinctions between beer and art, transcending categories and exciting imaginations. We release only a very small number of limited edition batches of Abstrakt per year, each batch known only by its release code. They are designed to be aged, collected and savoured with artistic elegance and aristocratic nonchalance.”

Well this is a first for us, we can honestly say we’ve never had an imperial weizen bock. So here goes, served in a tulip glass the murky brown pour produced a compacted white head that quickly diminished leaving streaky lacing to run down the glass. Immediately after the pour a really subtle sweetness emanates with overtones of pear, banana, wheat malts and a hint of sherry. Mild bready hints of sour dough and a rich, syrupy hint of raisin and booze finish off a pretty impressive aroma boasting good depth and complexity. The mouth feel is smooth with a chewy texture. Mild-medium carbonation with full body. Upon the palate, initial flavours of sweet, viscous caramel, booze and dark fruits tantalize the taste buds. Emerging from the mid-palate is again, a sweet and slightly astringent hint of sherry which delivers a subtle boozy finish with hints of banana and burnt sugar that carries well on to the back end. Excellent length. Considering the high ABV (10.2%) and the array of rich, complex flavours this beer is actually highly palatable. A really top notch craft offering. Big ups to the Scots for this beauty, we loved it!