Bruny Island ‘Cloudy Bay IPA’


imageBruny Island Beer Co. hand crafts beers that are open fermented, naturally bottle-conditioned and free from preservatives.

Poured into a pint glass we see a cloudy golden orange colour with plenty of carbonation and a big 20mm bubbly white head that retains well. Off the nose we get nice strong aromas of grapefruit, citrus, some tropical aromas maybe passion fruit, wheat malts, and a little spice. We notice on the bottle that the hops used in here are impressive…Ella, Enigma, Helga, HPA 035, Galaxy and Summer. That is quite a list that ranges from the floral, to spice to fruit spectrum. We certainly get all those elements. We must admit we unsure of the HPA and will look up where this originates. Flavour profile is moderate bitterness that sizzles a tad on the tonsil leaving a spice buzz. This bitterness is not overpowering though. There are certainly a range of flavours here that mimic the above aromas but the dominant ones are grapefruit, mild tropical, and almost a burnt toffee. Of note is the use of Westminster pale malted barley from Tassy and Bruny Island red wheat. We note the Alc vol here of 6.6% and its apt as there is no booze overpowering or hiding flavours. Body is mild to moderate with medium mouthfeel. Very drinkable. Carbonation is consistent right through till the end. No lacing on the glass really at all to be seen here as we near the end. All in all there are several things to like. Love the use of all Tasmanian grain and hops. The beer is tasty and the haziness is a nice change. It’s not absolutely amazing but we would buy again and want to try more of what this brewery has to offer.