De Molen ‘Different & Unusual’ Imperial Cherry Stout


“Imperial stout-ish, with cedar wood and amarene cherries.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Literally pours like engine oil; pitch black with a finger of dark brown head emerging on top. Steady reduction and little lace as we go.

Aroma: It certainly isn’t short of depth and complexity. Loving the amount of bottom end…rich and intense dark chocolate, licorice, molasses, ripe cherry, mixed spices, rum & raisin, dates/prunes and a certain woody note…either pine or cedar. And as we write that we see that cedar chips were used. Incredible aroma. De Molen to a tee!

Flavour: It’s offering everything from heavily charred malts and ash to bittersweet salty chocolate, licorice and molasses, dark fruits like raisin, prunes/dates, earthy spice and woody notes. Then all the way through is this kinda musky and candy-esque accent which is just down right amazing. It all then converges in this somewhat aggressive finish which goes for days.

Mouthfeel: Sharp and a little oily. Slightly dry and bitter…the 10.4% ABV definitely doesn’t hold back. Mild-moderate Co2.

Overall: Oopht! This is a serious palate wrecker. Just huge in every aspect – bitterness, booze, char, depth of flavour. Thank goodness they only come in 330ml bottles. On the upside it’s gonna be a great night cap!