Deep Creek Brewing Co ‘Dusty Gringo’ India Brown Ale


image“Dusty Gringo India Brown Ale represents the rugged edge of the Wild West cowboy. A swig of this tasty brew charges your senses with the aromas of a mountain range of malt, and a hop kick reminiscent of that trusty steed’s hoof. The floral and citrus flavours imparted from the Cascade, Amarillo and Centennial hops, ride on a powerful chocolate malt base. A strong companion to explore the badlands.”

Served in an IPA glass. Dusty gringo presents an attractive mahogany hue with cherry red highlights. It forms a finger of tan foam that gradually peels off and settles to a fine overlay. Hieroglyphic style lace clings to the glass as we imbibe.
Getting a somewhat muted aroma until we got our noses right in the glass. A hefty chocolate malt base is uncovered offering earthy characters, hints of coffee and burned toast. The hops balance it out nicely with its citric and slightly piney undertones. A bit of a spicy element to it as well – white pepper mainly and just a pinch of aniseed and nutmeg in there. Not bad, a touch of complexity to it.
Nice weight in the mouth. It’s creamy with medium body but there’s a certain fullness that’s filling it out. Not overly bitter with the 6.8% ABV pretty well buried. It’s dangerously sessional.
The flavour is nice and direct with the subtle citrus and piney hops balancing out the roasty and earthy malts upfront. A subtle roasty cocoa flavour is carried through the mid, developing an espresso bitterness that leads to a dry, grassy hop finish.
One thing has to be said about this brewery and that is the impressive artwork on the can. In this day and age brewers fight for the buyers eye on the shelves and this one certainly caught ours. What’s going on inside the can is good but nothing breathtaking. Well balanced and surprisingly sessional but nothing to get super excited over.