Dieu di ciel ‘corne du diable’ IPA


Dieu di ciel corne du diable IPA“Corne du diable (French for “Horn of the devil”) is a contemporary interpretation of the classic English India Pale Ale. This new style, born on the west coast of North America, is characterized by stronger and hoppier beers. The result is a red ale expressing caramel flavours coming from the malt, sharp bitterness and powerful hop aromas, thanks to dry hopping.”

This brewery just can’t brew a bad beer. As we have said before it is in our top 10 best breweries in the world and this IPA is definitely another one worth trying. Served in an IPA glass the light brown pour possesses attractive ruby red hues. Fine clarity. Atop sits a creamy two finger head with good retention and lacing. With a very spicy and herbaceous hop-driven aroma comes the lovely zesty punch you would expect from an IPA. Pine, subtle grapefruit and tropical fruits are balanced by sweet malts and caramel. Maybe a little suggestion of jam in here too. The mouth feel is slick with medium carbonation. Medium bodied. Toffee and caramel malt are detected upfront, but instantly the assertive hop dryness takes over in the mid-palate. Lovely hints of pine and grapefruit finish dry and slightly bitter. Duration is great, with lingering malts on the back end. 6.5% ABV is spot on, adds that extra sting. Great brewery and a great beer. Another delicious drop top add to this breweries already sterling repertoire.