Doctors Orders Brewing ‘Prescription 12’ Belgian Black IPA


1507888_489612931222857_962444091501383669_n“Prescription 12 takes two of our favourite things. Black & Belgian to become a Belgian Black IPA. Our Mind Warp Black IPA with Belgian yeast and candi syrups gives Prescription 12 a complex delight of flavours and aromas. The malty, biscuit, toasty flavours are backed with hints of dark fruits before the lingering addictive bitterness finishes off the mouth-feel. The image inside the glass on the label is antibiotic crystals under a microscope and sum-up that Prescription 12 is your Spring antibiotic.”

Served in to an IPA glass. A two-tone appearance reveals a deep crimson edge that works in to an obsidian centre. By no means an aggressive pour but a mountainous four finger head develops and retains quite nicely, only peeling off a couple of centimetres and settling to a thick overlay with a dense sheet of lace being shed as we imbibe. Our first thoughts of this aroma were complex and very well layered. The olfactory’s get a good hit of these roasted chocolate malts initially. Pulling them right back are vigorous wafts of dank, piney hops and bitter citrus fruits. Then the waves of roasted coffee, licorice and charred wood follow through and add that multiple layer of complexity we mentioned earlier. Superb balance, really impressive start to this beer so far. In to the mouth it’s heavy set and viscous but an energetic Co2 level does well to lift it up. The assertive 79 IBU injects a saliva-sapping bitterness as the 7.6% ABV provides a slightly sharp burn to the tongue. The palate changes things up a bit. From a malt-forward aroma the flavour profile offers a seriously bitter, piney and hop charged front palate that only just hints at a roasted malt character through the mid. The aggressive bitterness is prolonged throughout as it carries on to an extremely dry, roasted and bitter finish with relentless duration on the rear. Decent drop. The aroma is spot on and the mouth feel is good too. It is very bitter though and we concede that this is expected with India ales. The Belgian side of it is a little MIA though, more sweetness from the yeast and candy sugars or even a touch of spice wouldn’t have hurt. Essentially it’s a delicious beer, we liked it.