Edge brewing/Stillwater Artisanal ales ‘Angel of Zest’ finger lime saison


imageA tantalising saison that is dry and slightly zesty ale with farmhouse tones. We infuse this ale with finger limes, a native australian fruit, known as the caviar of the Citrus world. The limes are hand peeled for the zest and steeping the extract of its aromatic oils provides a tangy, tart belgian style ale.

wow, we like the sound of these little limes. Hadn’t even heard of them before this so well done australia. Pours exactly like a coopers pale ale with a fluffy white 1 finger head with lots of carbonation seen at the base of the head. The nose is like a lager with a mild lime aroma, and subtle belgian yeast in the background. First sip is interesting. There is mild Belgian undertones, combined with what tastes like mild lager malt. A good swish around the mouth shows up decent carbonation, and a definite tartness from the fruit used. There is moderate bitterness in the mouth after each sip from the citrus. We get some of the 5.5% alc vol here after each mouthful. Bit thin on the back palate though. We not quite sure about this beer. It lacks serious flavour. We know that limes are the showcase but it’s leaves a dry, lager like palate, with very little else. Sure it’s a smooth drop, but we were expecting far more saison like flavours. It’s just not exciting. We may as well have bought a 6 pack of commercial lager. Disappointing.