Evil twin brewing ‘Ron & the beast Ryan’ Saison


image“In Denmark we have a lovely tradition for funky beer and what you have here is certainly no exception. This is a never before seen collaboration between Ron and the Beast Ryan. A fluffy and precious Saison-style ale brewed with a beautiful yeast called brettanomyces. It may sound like a true fairytale, but don’t be fooled by it’s cute appearance.”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new hit the shelves from these guys. Good to see some new styles in their new range. Served in a weizen glass (can also serve in a tulip) the cloudy straw gold pour produces a huge, fluffy 3 finger head that retains well and leaves foam all over my moustache. Thick, blotchy lacing is strewn all the way down the glass. As to be expected a funky, almost sour aroma emanates initially. Sour lemon, lime, bubblegum, brine, clove, honey & barnyard also come through adding extra vibrancy and zing. The mouth feel is smooth and silky with medium carbonation. Quite light on but still relatively well bodied. Upfront we get musty, earthy grains with a soft malt sweetness. Just a slight hint of sour lemon before a fruity mid-palate delivers a crisp, tart finish with good length. Again, some lingering sourness on the back end is accentuated by a slight booze burn (7% ABV). Good balance between the sour fruits, hops and malt. Good summer beer. Nice drop.