Founders brewing co. Imperial stout


imageFrom the same tanks that brewed one of the best ever stouts we’ve ever drunk (the breakfast stout) comes this new imperial stout. Served in a beer tulip the blacker than black pour produces a thin brown head that fights to hold but eventually fades away to patchy foam on top. Minimal lacing. This literally looks like engine oil in a cup and we couldn’t be more excited. The aroma is just dank, dark and earthy. The usual espresso, dark chocolate, cocoa and roasted malts are boosted by rich and complex hints of molasses, vanilla, whiskey, licorice, alcohol and ash. In the mouth it’s oily with mild carbonation. Full bodied. Upfront an explosion of espresso bitterness is amplified by a high ABV (10.5%). These 2 continue through the mid-palate and pick up hints of peat and ash. What is quite remarkable is not one of the flavours tapers off, so by the time the finish comes around all of the previous flavours combine to produce a superb overall flavour and finish. Rich, complex, dank, earthy and bitter. Can you really ask for much more from a stout?? Not us, this is a brilliant stout. Not surprised, this is a world class brewery. Keep em comin’ guys.