Feral brewing co. ‘Golden Ace’ Belgian-style ale


image“Golden Ace is a refreshing Golden Ale brewed with Japanese Bred Sorachi Ace hops. Lightly filtered and slightly cloudy, the results are a vibrant aroma of hoppy lemon and citrus with a refreshingly clean bitter finish”.

This beer could be, somewhat unfairly, categorized as the hop hog IPA’s smaller, less significant brother. But in no way is that an insult to this beer as the hop hog is close to a 10/10 beer. Poured into a shaker glass the appearance shows a hazy straw gold with a creamy two and a half finger cap. Good head retention, releasing thick spotted lace trails down the walls of the glass. Nice and delicate tropical fruity aroma. Hints of resinous hops, citrus rind, lemon and lychee dominate whilst yeasty undertones of sweet malt, honey and banana sit just underneath, allowing a lovely balance to unfold. Medium-high carbonation. Light on with a round mouth feel. Medium bodied. Really fizzy upfront with the mild hop bitterness making way for a fruity mid palate to develop. The crisp, dry citrusy finish doesn’t possess too much duration. Kind of falls away a touch. 5.6% ABV was well hidden. Not a bad beer, but nothing great either, it gets absolutely monstered by the hop hog IPA.