Garage Project ‘Beyond The Pale – Off Piste’ Blood Orange Beet & Mint Sour


“This year our favourite festival turns 30 , and to celebrate we’re going off piste- a kettle sour spiked with Beetroot and infused with blood orange and mint. It creates a startling crystal pink beer with citrus palate and lifted aromas. Go Fringe Festival.”

Glassware: Poured into a tulip.

Appearance: effervescent raspberry pink with a 10mm bubbly light pink/white silky head that retains wonderfully and settles very slowly. Almost a sheen to the surface.

Aroma: very light citrus here with a flat lemonade like nose. Slightly herbal and spritzy. Almost berrys, like your having a rose.

Flavour: bit more going on here. More orange citrus, with mild mint and a touch of earth from the beetroot. Has a touch of berry also Its certainly a typical gose like beer. Almost salty.

Mouthfeel: full of bubble and almost sizzles on the tip of the tongue. Medium carbonation here. Bitterness is low. Mouthfeel really light and body light also. Its sitting at 4.2% alc vol so a nice 1 standard drink. Sourness on the palate dominates but not overpowers.

Overall: its a nice, zesty sparkling little number. Be nice to get a bit more mint out of it.