Garage project ‘pils n thrills’ pilsner


imageA decent little Kiwi micro brewery based in Wellington, NZ. The operation comprises of 3 fella’s. Two brothers, Pete and Ian Gillespie and Jos Ruffell who have been the closest of mates since birth. Another brewery that’s on our ‘must visit’ list when we travel to NZ for our brewery trip in 2016.

We served in to a flute glass and we are greeted with a clear golden appearance which arouses a two finger crown that steadily deconstructs and holds firm at about 5mm. Good head retention and laces reasonably well. Aroma displays an interesting characteristic. The standard aromas of fresh citrus hops, grain and a touch of honey come through but it’s the scent of white wine that separates this from other Pilsners. Can’t ignore the solid American hop presence here too. Very nice. Medium carbonation and medium-high bitterness on the tongue. Mouth feel is quite dry. The front palate displays a sharp hop bitterness which mellows into bitter citrus fruits in the mid. Biscuity/bready Pilsner malts develop late before a transition back to lemony citrus and dry bitterness in the finish. Good length, the bitterness from the hops hang around with subtle hints of pine, grain and lime sitting on the back end. Certainly a hopped up Pilsner but that’s come to be expected with these new world spins on old styles. Nice work boys, a flavoursome beer.