Garage Project X Other Half ‘Hapi Sessions’ Oat Cream IPA


65202775_1116136908570453_1842056270039744512_n“New York city’s inimitable Other Half fly in to create No Dreams Til Brooklyn – a hazy ‘oat cream’ IPA balancing lactose sweetness with a massive burst of US Citra, and harvest fresh Nelson Sauvin from Freestyle Hop farm. Brewed to celebrate the 2019 Hāpi Festival and the New Zealand Hop Harvest.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Muddy deep orange body with a fluffy two finger head perched on top. Excellent retention and healthy lace work down the glass.

Aroma: Crammed full of fleshy tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, papaya, guava and lychee. Strong stonefruit presence here too with tonnes of rockmelon, apricot and peach. There’s a lovely oat creaminess which lends hints of vanilla and lactose, some zesty orange citrus, white pepper and a soft dank earthiness. That’s an absolute ripper of an aroma.

Flavour: Wow it’s incredibly smooth! Kind of get a bit of that frosty fruit character initially before it turns to stonefruit pulp i.e rockmelon, papaya, apricot and mango. More grapefruit, citrus and rind through the mid leading in to a somewhat pithy finish with creamy oats and mild citric bitterness on a length.

Mouthfeel: Can’t believe how smooth and creamy it is. Upfront it’s almost like a beer smoothie with a touch of booze (8.5%) and hop bitterness forming in the swallow. Medium-full body and moderate co2.

Overall: A very true-to-style NEIPA. Loving the trajectory of the Hapi Sessions release so far…this is actually better than the Trillium collab in our opinion. Much smoother and hides the AbV extremely well. Kudos GP and Other Half that’s one of the best NEIPA’s we’ve had in a while! Brilliant.