Wicked Weed ‘Myrtille’ BA American Sour w Blueberries


65182681_1113081892209288_4977116305715888128_n“Myrtille is a golden sour ale aged in neutral wine barrels. Two pounds per gallon of fresh, whole blueberries contribute an earthy and tannic backbone to this uniquely southern sour. When the time is right, the barrels are blended to achieve ther perfect balance of blueberries and house brett culture.”

Glassware: Stemmed tulip.

Appearance: Candy apple red with 100% clarity. The head literally disappears in front of our eyes leaving nothing but a few foamy islands floating about.

Aroma: Smells unbelievable! The blueberries really lift out with their earthy and mildly tart characteristics. There’s a certain sweetness in here…almost like golden raisins but also akin to a well aged port. Apparently this sour was aged in “neutral” wine barrels but we can detect a fair amount of vanilla which really pulls some of those tannic scents back in to line. Superb aroma!

Flavour: As standard WW sours go this one also purses the lips! But not as much as others before it which is a plus. Lots of lactic acidity on entry but a well integrated fruit profile balances it out. Funk and barnyard through the middle and then oak, vinous fruits, blueberry and earthy spices rounding it out. Maybe just a flutter of jasmine or hibiscus on the rear.

Mouthfeel: Still somewhat prickly but the acidity is well restrained so the pucker rating sits at a healthy 4/5. Spritzy co2 and medium body makes for pleasant drinking.

Overall: Quite impressed with this one we must say. Out of all the WW sours we’ve had this probably tops the lot. The peeled back sourness allows the balanced sweetness, soft tannins and oak to really shine through. We dig it!