Goose Island ‘Juliet’ BA Belgian Style Wild Ale – 2016 Release


52608910_1042437315940413_1128722138442760192_n“A wild ale aged in wine barrels with blackberries, tart and jammy with notes of rye, oak and tannins.”

Glassware: Stemmed tulip.

Appearance: Burnished deep orange/amber complexion. It forms a short fizzy head which doesn’t hang around long. Scarce lace as it ebbs.

Aroma: Really funky and chock full of vinegary tang, tart berries and cherries, manky cheese cave and sweaty horse blanket. Picking up some lovely apricot and peach as well but we’re all over this woody cigar box character which even lends itself to a very subtle hint of chocolate shavings. Very interesting.

Flavour: It hits the taste buds with a blast of tart berries, tangy vinegar and acetic lacto sourness…bretty funk, stonefruits and wine tannins follow close behind. Candied citrus and sherbet forms late in the piece before it finishes dry, musty and funky with good duration.

Mouthfeel: Tannic and somewhat musty. Medium-strong pucker but with a really well behaved AbV (8.2%). Moderate body and Co2.

Overall: We’ve loved most of this BA sour series from G.I but we’ve noticed that they can get a little too heavy on the vinegar. This one isn’t too bad but we probably wouldn’t seek out again.