Hop Nation ‘The Punch’ Mango Gose


17553773_666678826849599_4411184995494447034_n“THIS ISN’T YOUR NANNA’S PUNCH. A beer made for Summer – our Mango Gose is incredibly refreshing, mouth-watering and a little out there.BEER PROFILE: Showing off a refreshing citrus acidity and a hint of saline smoothness, lifted mango notes and passionfruit pop from the glass. Drink it by the punch bowl. Unfined and unfiltered, THE PUNCH pours slightly hazy in the glass with a dark lemon colour. 4.0% ABV.”

Served in a snifter glass. Super cloudy, mustard yellow pour with a fizzy two finger head. Rapid reduction, peeling back to a ring with hardly any lace.
Big impression of mango juice emanating out of the glass. Not really a great deal of anything else unfortunately. Hints of tropical punch and a subtle salinity do creep in but it’s mild. It is a little creamy as well…kind of reminds us of mango weiss bars in the process. Refreshing and fruity, sure, but it’s all just a bit meh.
The texture is somewhat mineraly with a decent carbonation in support. Getting a soft, sour acidity initially, easing in to a smooth accommodating finish.
The flavour is where it lost us. Upfront we get this completely weird straw-like flavour that tastes like hay. Thank goodness the juicy mango arrives but as it does the salty notes somewhat detract from its sweetness. Again, hints of mango creep in as that bloody straw flavour rounds it out.
What a strange beer. We’ll concede that we aren’t experts on the style but we’ve had much more enjoyable versions than this. It’s also very one dimensional so we don’t even want to know what it would be like without the mango. Sheesh. Never again.