The Grifter Brewing Co ‘Bright Eye’ Pilsner


17554451_666678116849670_4514787722073509620_n“A light refreshing pilsner, paired with earthy and citrus New Zealand hops. Embrace the “new world” of pilsner”

Served in a footed flute glass. Bright Eye offers a light milky yellow appearance with a solid two finger head taking shape on top. Good retention, working a nice lace as it ebbs.
The aroma certainly projects from a new world angle as the tangy citrus hops lead out with lemon and lime pulp. Hints of fresh herbs and earthy spice work their way in to the more traditional grainy malt base. Definitely getting cracker biscuits and pepper beginning to unfold as it settles in.
The texture follows suit with a light, crisp and bang-able mouth feel. Fine carbonation with just a trace of hoppy bitterness developing in the swallow.
The citrusy hop presents itself willingly on the fore. A dash of zippy lime juice and a touch of pepper cut through the grainy malts as a taste of hay and crackers forms late in the mid. Delicate and easy finish with a suggestion of grassy herbs in the tail.
We admit we loved it more when we had it on tap at the brewery but it’s still crisp, fresh and uber approachable. It’s actually on the lower end of the scale in terms of ABV (4.4%) so it slides right in to that sessional category that’s full flavoured and goes the distance. This is Grifters first canned release so we’ll be eagerly looking forward to their next.