Hunter beer co. Oyster stout


imageWe tried this while it’s on tap in a tasting paddle at Potter’s hotel in the Hunter Valley. It’s a seasonal release. Mat black pour with mahogany highlights when held to the light, producing a dense 1 cm tan head that retains reasonably well. Although not a lot of lacing is evident. The aroma has a nice roasted, mocha-dominated characteristic. Some soft coffee notes with undertones of chocolate, roasted malt, caramel and muted salty game also comes through. Mildly carbonated with a slightly thin mouth feel. Not a great deal of oystery game in the flavour overall and very minimal oyster flavour initially too. Not much brine either but maybe a little salt on the tongue that’s representing the mild addition of oysters. There is a nice hint of caramelised toffee and chocolate that give the taste a bit more depth. The mid-palate is a little slippery, falling away a little and reminding us more of a light porter if anything. The delicate roasted finish completes a slightly dull beer. 4.6% ABV is quite low for this type of stout and has no effect in body or flavour. Points here for complexity of style but other than that…average. Plenty of better options on tap here at the moment.