Jamieson brewery ‘The beast’ IPA


Jamieson beast IPAThe Beast India Pale Ale is based on an NW of US style. Hops, Hops and more Hops.
We have added SIX hop additions to this Beast and you will find a mix of sweet caramel fudge with a spicy pine & citrus aroma. Full, balanced body with strong bitterness and a nice round mouthfeel with some alcohol warmth.
Foamy, dense off-white head with good retention and lots of lacing.
A long dry quenching hop finish caps off a well-rounded beast of a beer.  All very balanced and all very satisfying. A tremendous drop. Be brave and challenge your palate to see how many flavours you can find…”

Served in an IPA glass the gorgeous deep copper, almost brown-like pour whips up a fluffy two finger white head that swells but eventually settles to a thin film on top. Laced reasonably well. The very malt-forward and slightly boozy aroma is backed up by a balanced fruity hop profile. Passion fruit, pine and subtle stone fruits marry well with the sticky caramel malts and toffee notes. Simple aroma but executed perfectly. In the mouth it’s slick and slightly dry. Medium carbonation with medium-full body. Tropical fruits and a big, aggressive hop dryness upfront takes hold of the taste buds, but the malty mid palate pulls it right back. Chewy caramel and hints of toffee and pepper are rounded off by a bitter finish with a slight booze burn (7% ABV). Great length. Absolute pearler of an IPA from this little known Victorian micro brewery. Tasty, slightly complex, aromatic and all round perfectly balanced IPA. Excellent offering.