Kingfisher lager


imageThis lager from India is fairly basic. To be honest it’s more of a premium imported than a craft beer, but we had a few lying around after we bought a case of them so we thought we’d do a review. Served in a shaker glass the golden pour offers excellent clarity. Carbonation is slightly inactive as any formation of head is instantly relinquished. Laced poorly. Standard lager perfumes, we pick up light florals, sweet malts, rice crackers and buttered popcorn. The mouth feel is soft and round with reasonable weight. Mild-medium bodied. Not a great deal of flavour, just sweet malt, grains and a mild hop bitterness that leads through the mid and finishes with soft biscuity notes. Sits at 5% and it is fairly malty. We dont really like beers brewed under license by bigger conglomerates. This beer is one of them. Such an easy session beer, but unfortunately that’s all it really has going for it.