Les trois mousquetaires signature series American pale ale


imageLes Trois Mousquetaires, meaning The three Musketeers in English hail from Quebec, the burgeoning French Quarter of Canada where craft beer is alive and well. We have an elegant label, thick dark glass, cage and a cork. This is a classy looking drop that slightly hurts the hip pocket ($30 a bottle) so best not to try if you’re on a budget. If you are willing to part with the money then you won’t be let down.

We served in a shaker glass and enjoyed the view of a gorgeous amber pour with copper red hues. Atop sits a 1 inch off-white head that settles to a well retained covering on top. Laced well. Aroma is a lovely mix of resinous hops, tropical fruits, caramel malt and peppery spice. In the mouth it’s oily with medium carbonation. Medium body. Flavour is quite unique, there’s a mild hop bitterness that gets things underway. A soothing presence of caramel malt cuts through the juicy citrus to balance. Nice, bitter finish. There is a strange yet like-able flavour on the back end that was tough to pick. It’s almost a rye like/ grainy taste that added to the depth of this ale. Very impressive beer, as it should be considering the price. 5% ABV is the perfect amount. Almost sessionable but again, it’s the price that would deter us. We strongly recommend if you can afford it.