La Gauloise Belgian amber ale


image“The Gauloise Ambrée is characterised by its fragrance. You will find a varied palette of flavours. It is very easily digestible and refreshing.” 

Distinctly Belgian this ale. Not a Trappist but still good. Served in a beer tulip the deep amber pour constructed a creamy 2 finger head that maintains well. Good lacing. Appears bottle conditioned with a fair amount of suspended sediment so watch your pour if you want to avoid this.Gorgeous floral aroma on offer here with fruity hints of pear, citrus, herbs, spice, licorice, sweet malt and Belgian yeast coming through. In the mouth it’s slightly frothy with prickly carbonation. Medium-full bodied. On the tongue the flavours open up with a mild assertive hop bitterness with a subtle spicy fore flavour. The grainy mid-palate delivers a slightly herbal finish with hints of citrus and caramel on the back palate. At 5.5% ABV it doesn’t make for a sessional beer but it was still very quaffable. Quite complex too. To be honest we thought the blond was better but don’t let it deter you. Still a good offering.