Little Brewing Co 2015 Vintage Xmas Ale – Quadrupel


22195768_754646508052830_7404020866250263857_n“Like a Christmas cake in rum, this Belgian Dark Strong festive beer has aromas and flavours of rum, dried fruits, spices & sweet alcohol. This is the brewery’s highest ABV% beer yet and a new regular beer in their Mad Abbot range.”

Served in a Trappist tulip. Dark brown hue which reveals chestnut edges when held to the light. A finger of finely beaded head forms before it recedes to a thin sheet. Seeing some nice wavy lace work as we imbibe.
The aroma is giving off some incredibly sweet and sticky perfumes. Truck loads of dark fruits: prunes, raisin, fig and blood plums. Equal amounts of yeasty spice and phenol, apple pie, maple syrup, caramelised pears, gingerbread, cola, toffee and dark berries. Boozy accents of Sherry and port with undertones of doughy malt. Wow!
The flavour backs up the aroma really well – it’s super sweet, absolutely flush with raisin, prunes, treacle, gingerbread, Candi sugar and cola on a length. Relentless.
So nice and sticky in the mouth, really coating the whole palate. The 11.3% ABV is predictably evident and so it should be! Low co2. Medium-full body.
Even though TLBC has fallen on hard times we still believe they are one of, if not the best Belgian Style brewers in Australia. This 2015 vintage further solidifies our position. Best of luck for the future Warwick & Co (we can only hope it involves brewing more craft beer)