Amager & Wicked Weed ‘Mandarina Man’ Tropical IPA


22141118_754645694719578_9010044871705654580_nThe description of this beer is simply way too long and strange to post but once we realised it was a collaboration brew with Wicked Weed it all started to make sense. It may possibly be that these two brewers had a bit of the wicked weed before comingĀ up with the story? Who knows, any who on with this review.

Served in an IPA glass. Light golden yellow in appearance. Soft haze, mild co2 and a wispy head that eventually settles to a film. Lacing is wet and streaky as we go.
We’re a tad undecided with this aroma. It’s mild, citric and summery but it’s extremely one dimensional and lacking substance. We pick up plenty of mandarin, lemon, tangerine and some unripened mango. The malt backing is a little dry and bready but mostly shy and ineffective. Some piney notes here and there. Average.
It doesn’t get any better in flavour as an acidic and tart citrus flavour gets things started. It’s a bit like biting in to an unripened mandarin. Hints of orange peel, sour fruits, tangerine and dry bready malts roll in to the somewhat delicate and dry finish which actually offers some decent length.
A bit of a mineraly texture, mild-moderate co2 and body. The 7% ABV is well concealed. 45 IBU.
OK, be sure to check your pour! As we poured the remainder of the bottle there were some big floaties and a tonne of suspended sediment. Looks very unflattering. It’s lacking depth, it’s unattractive and offering little in aroma and flavour. Disappointing.