McLaren Vale ale


imageThis is another one of those moments when we scroll through our review list and say “we have never done a review of the Vale ale?!” It’s such a staple of a beer that we’ve always just enjoyed drinking it rather then reviewing it.

Anyhow, after all these years we served this one in a shaker glass. The hazy golden-amber pour produces a minimal white head that struggles to retain, eventually settling to a patchy covering on top. OK lacing. The aroma is offering light, zesty notes with peach, orange, mandarin, subtle honey, caramel and a hint of spice. We detect a very subdued herbal undertone in here too. Nice. Mouth feel is silky smooth with mild carbonation. Mild-medium body. Really light on which is what makes this beer so sessional. Light grassy hops upfront pair well with a very mild hop bitterness. This is followed by a slightly grainy mid-palate with hints of honey and nuts that carry forward and deliver a soft, fruity finish which slightly dissipates off the tongue. Only 4.5% ABV, look if you were after a full flavoured craft beer you’d probably give it a miss but if you were looking for a light, yet still flavoursome craft beer to session on then this is your choice.