MikKeller mexas ranger


mikkellerMexasRanger“If you can get past the ingredients list on the back of the label without getting dizzy, you deserve to kick back with this Mexican flavored porter. Made with an overwhelming amount of chilies, beans, corn, avocado leaves, chocolate and lots more, it’s like taking a sip of Mexico. Aged in Tequila barrels because we’re good like that.”

We just had to buy this beer for the sheer experimental side of it. The big question is whether this list of delicious sounding flavours are fused together well or will they be muddled? Only one way to find out. Popped and aggressively poured in to a beer tulip. The sight of an opaque black appearance with it’s brown two and a half finger head compels us to rub our hands together in excitement. After a few minutes, the ominous looking head has reduced to a firm layer over the top leaving thick, webbed lacing in its path. This is one sexy looking beer. On to the aroma where this beer refuses to take a backward step. Our first thoughts are of the brilliant depth on offer here. We’re getting complex wafts of roasted coffee bean, cacao, chilli, cooking chocolate, agave and pink peppercorn over a base of charred malts and a touch of mild smoke. Brilliant stuff, all the aromas are held together extremely well. In the mouth it’s dense with a creamy texture. Quite full in body and unexpectedly well carbonated with a tight grip as it slothfully advances down the throat. The taste buds are treated to a rich injection of sweet and charred malts and spicy peppercorns on entry. Maybe a hint of chilli as well, which is exacerbated by a slight alcohol (6.6%) warmth which carries on through the mid. A delicious suggestion of cacao develops as it pairs with an assertive hop bitterness, eventually leading to the sharp, dry finish. Good length, certainly tasting some nice roasted elements on the back palate. What an impressive beer this is. Our question was whether all these flavours could be balanced right. Well, not only are they balanced expertly, they are done so with complexity and skilful brewing. Excellent offering.