Modus Operandi Brewing Co. ‘Lost Key’ XPA


17098418_654141614769987_7710210684001033543_n“Keys are a pain in the ass. They’re easily lost. Which is exactly what happened when we lent the key to Modus HQ to the crew from Black Bunny Kitchen whilst they were taking over our kitchen. While mistakes happen we insisted they stick around and do a brew with us as remittance for losing the key to our kingdom.”

Served in a shaker glass. This limited release pours a dense amber complexion with a pillowy head that swells to two fingers in height. The head retains remarkably well and dispenses a fine lace as it ebbs.
Very subtle fruits on the nose, quite subdued actually. From all the hype we’ve been seeing and hearing it’s a very timid aroma for M.O. Once we really dig our noses in we do pick up the lovely orange citrus, pineapple and ruby grapefruit which does balance out beautifully with the sweet biscuit malt structure. Lovely characters on the nose we just wish there was a bit more uplift out of the glass.
The texture offers up a little dryness with a vibrant Co2 to make it pop. Light-moderate body leading to a healthy bitterness in the swallow.
The palate is where it’s all at folks! Hop juice galore! Big showing of citrus tang, fruits and a subtle piney note cutting in. Well countered by those delicious malts though, as they lay down for the dominant hops to sail past the mid and deliver a crisp, dry and fruity finish. Really well drawn out bitterness in the tail here.
They lost the key and they almost lost us on the nose but we know never to write M.O off. They pulled it back with a magnificent flavour profile and a soft, spritzy tannin. Easy to drink, packed with hops but still well balanced enough to go the distance in a session. A fine way to come back to these guys after a bit of a spell. Kudos Modus!