Mountain Goat ‘Back to the Brewer’ Double Steam Ale


imageThis brew is a bigger, brassier version of our regular steam ale. We have upped the ante on hops and pumped up the mouthfeel to give this pale gold brew a fruity, tropical palate and aroma. We think it goes perfectly with birthday cake. It’s a 20th birthday celebration with a collaboration with Two Birds and Hop Products Australia.

Poured into a pint glass, we see a hazy dirty dishwater appearance or that of tropical breakfast juice. Difficult to see the carbonation through the cloudiness. A bubbly off white 10mm head slowly fades into a 5mm one. Nose is pure tropical aroma – pineapple, orange, guava, green mango with pine, and some sweet malt and bread. Reminds us of juice with a touch of alcohol. First sip is surprisingly smooth. We get restrained bitterness mixing with pine, some citrus like orange, a touch of sweet grapefruit, and less tropical flavours than the nose but still pineapple, guava. Moderate body here but with minimal carbonation you take a big gulp and it smoothly slides down the gullet. Not a lot of lingering flavour here, other than a touch of spice. We note the Alc vol of 7.3% and it’s so hidden. You get more of a buzz on the forehead before you really detect it. There is a sweet caramel malt base here mixing nicely with the citrus and tropical hops. We note scattered lacing down the glass. As we near then end, we don’t really want it to end. So fruity, so tasty. Beautifully balanced malt to hop to booze ratio. Wow this absolutely pisses all over the steam ale. It’s not even a comparison. This is basically NEIPA style. Absolutely one of their better beers we have sampled over the last 17 years. Not sure where to fault. 1 star off for being associated with the steam ale. Thank god we bought 6 of them.