North coast brewing co. ‘pranQster’ Belgian style golden ale


North coast brewing co pranQster Belgian style golden ale“Belgian Ales represent the height of the brewers’ art. Sophisticated brewing techniques, yeast blends, and unique flavoring elements have elevated the beers of Belgium to the status enjoyed by wine in other countries. PranQster follows in this tradition using a mixed culture of antique yeast strains that produce a floral nose, a full fruity flavor, and a clean finish”.

We’ve actually tried this beer before, and we’d have to say it’s probably one of the standout beers for this brewery. Served in a beer goblet the cloudy amber-orange pour toiled hard for a minimal white head that collapses instantly leaving no head at all. Plenty of citric characters on offer in the aroma, lemon warheads, orange and esters come forward the strongest. Along with a subtle funkiness are yeasty undertones of clove, banana lollies, sugar and orange tang. In the mouth it feels slick with an oily texture. Mild-medium carbonation and medium body. Upfront we detect soft citrus notes with subtle hints of spice and grain. The yeasty mid-palate yields flavours of banana and honey which is followed by a light fruity finish with average length. We would have to say we’re quite surprised by how well the 7.6% ABV is hidden, only a very subtle hint in the aroma was enough to have us double checking. As we mentioned earlier, we have had some really average beers from this brewery but this one is different, lots of tasty Belgian characters in here. Not bad at all.