Omnipollo ‘Barrel Aged Mammut’ BA Imperial Stout


“Bourbon Barrel Aged Coconut Vanilla Hazelnut Imperial Stout aged in a blend of Willet Bourbon and Rye and Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Rye barrels.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Holy moly this thing pours like engine oil – dense and black AF! Next to no head generated. Even the single stream of Co2 is struggling to break the surface. Oopht!

Aroma: As we anticipated its extremely rich, dense, nutty and woody yet the creamy vanilla and coconut still presents fairly well. The bourbon barrels play a huge role in the overall sweet and spiciness that offsets the decadent dark chocolate, molasses and raw coffee beans. The actual oak from the barrels can be detected too…which is rare as the bourbon typically drowns it out. Wow.

Flavour: Ok so we don’t like to exaggerate things very often but this beer is actually akin to drinking thick syrup. The density is like nothing we’ve ever drunk before. Flavour-wise it’s amazing….the hazelnut distinctly stands out with the coconut, vanilla, molasses and subtle bourbon/oak hitting up and driving all the way through to the nutty and warming finish.

Mouthfeel: As we touched on before it is mind-blowingly dense and syrupy. Practically no carbonation to it and the 12% ABV is very well buried.

Overall: So we don’t really know what to think. Is this a boozy thick shake Stout? We’re all for thick, dense and aggressive Stouts but we think we may have just found our ceiling.