Paulaner ‘salvatore’ Doppelbock


paulaner_salvator“Our brewing history begins with this beer. And the history of strong beer in Bavaria – it was the Paulaner monks, who invented this bottom-fermenting double bock. We have been brewing the Salvator for over 375 years – always according to the original recipe, which was continuously refined over the years: The head is the colour of caramel and the beer is chestnut brown, combined with a seductive flavour of chocolate to give a pleasing intensity on the palate. Hereto comes the finest Munich malt, rounded off by a light note of hops in the background. Often imitated but never duplicated: The father of all double bock beers, of which the names always end in “-ator”!”

Served in a dimpled mug. Quite an attractive beer, the appearance offers a mahogany hue with a dense, tanned head that sits just short of two fingers in height. The head eventually reduced down to a fine layer with wet, streaky lacing omitted on the glass. Very yeasty on the nose with a dominant scent of banana bread. Some rich malt sweetness, toffee, caramel, cookie dough, fig and pumpernickel are also coming through. Very unique aroma and to be honest we are liking it. The mouth feel is a little thin with a slghtly oily texture. Carbonation levels are mild and the body is mild-medium. We certainly get rich malt sweetness on the front palate. A hint of toffee develops as a restrained alcohol warmth bridges on to the mid. The malt sweetness carries through and leads to the sweet, boozy finish with hints of fig and raisin on the back end. The 7.9% ABV does like the palate to know it’s around but it’s not bullish about it. Look, it’s definitely a nice beer in complexity but the cloying sweetness really limits us to one and one only. Not bad.