Prickly Moses organic pilsner


image“Based on a classic Bohemian Pilsner recipe, using only certified organic ingredients. This organic lager is brewed with the finest organic Pilsner malt and hops from New Zealand, using one of the worlds original yeast strains creates a beer pale amber in color with a clean bitterness.”

Brilliant little craft brewery/winery this one. Pours a nice pale amber colour into the glass with nice head that fades with some lacing trailing the beer down. We can smell some nice biscuity pilsner malts and subdued fruity hops. There is that lovely pilsner aroma. Not too floral. There is a bit of candy on the palate. This pilsener sits at 4.8% ABV and it’s super sessional. You can really tell the difference here between this beer and say, a Pilsner Urquell. Way more depth and complexity. Interesting to note is the use of kiwi hops and the worlds oldest yeast strains from Germany. To sum up..a lovely malty pilsner.