Red Duck ‘bobcat’ IPA


imageRed Duck Bobcat is a big, strong American style pale ale, with assertive hop aromas and bitterness. This is a modern India Pale Ale, using only one hop variety: Simcoe. Simcoe is one of our favourite hops, which has soft aroma notes of peach and passion fruit. The bitterness is assertive, but balanced, and maybe just for real hop heads, this ale is a really, really big pussy. Bobcats are not only resilient, they have proven to be elusive. There are only about 800 bottles of Red Duck Bobcat in the world, don’t let this one escape!”

From Red Duck in Victoria, comes this limited release of only 800 bottles. It’s an American style IPA, which uses only one hop..simcoe. The obvious aromas are peach and passion fruit and a mild booze hit. This brew pours a typical coppery colour with mild carbonation going on. There is minimal head. The first sip is full of hoppy bitterness. We would love to know the IBU here. There is a little caramel malt here but the dominance is the drying of the hop on the palate. The alc vol of 7.5% is hidden by the bitterness. We think that it’s a simple beer but not a standout by any means.  We understand that only one hop was used in the brewing, so that’s all that we can expect. There are better red duck beers out there.